The Eastfield Food Marketing Solutions Company has been born out of a love of good food and a passion for business. From account management to new product development, public relations to creating that fantastic new website, whatever the goals for your business, we can help.

From our 18 years of corporate business experience within one of Yorkshires leading supermarkets and our farming backgrounds, we have gained knowledge and expertise in buying, sourcing, marketing, new product development, public relations, sales and manufacturing.

We know the passion involved in the manufacture of food but also the struggles involved with managing the production needs and getting the time to sell and market the product effectively.

We have the knowledge to understand your business goals and the drive and commitment to deliver maximum results. We can help you break into new markets, maximise your existing sales or just look at efficiency savings in your current operation.

The Eastfield Food Marketing Solutions Company offers a wide range of food marketing solutions which will be tailored to your specific business needs.

Contact us for a no obligations first meeting from which we can build a plan of action for your business or just simply give us a call to discuss our services in more detail.

The Paddocks,
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